2019 Winter Exhibition

27–29 June 2019, Camden Civic Centre (Undercroft Foyer)

Established and emerging artists will feature in our Winter Exhibition at the Camden Civic Centre (Undercroft Foyer).

Click here to view a selection of works from the exhibition. All are available for immediate sale. Additional works, and vintage jewellery, glass and porcelain, will be on display at the Camden Civic Centre. 

Viewing hours:
Thursday 27 June: 10am – 6pm
Friday 28 June: 10am – 6pm
Saturday 29 June: 9am – 3pm

2019 Autumn Clearance

We are pleased to highlight works from our gallery artists, works for re-sale, and works from a deceased estate, during Autumn 2019.

There is a large selection of works by local artists George Sayers and Steve Roach, alongside works for re-sale by Pro Hart, Leonard Long, Madeleine Szymanski and others.

Most works are priced at under $200.

Click here to view the Autumn Clearance.

Christmas Exhibition: 22-24 November 2018

Camden Fine Art Gallery will hold its annual Christmas Exhibition from Thursday 22 November to Saturday 24 November 2018 at Undercroft Foyer, Camden Civic Centre, Oxley Street, Camden.

Featured artists will include Barbara Haines, Lorna Pitt, Victoria Dore, Gary Baker, Doreen Shaw, Jennifer Jackson, Steve Roach, Sarah Howard, Marjorie Baker and George Sayers. Works for re-sale by Leonard Long, Alan Baker, Bob Baker, Nola Tegel and Pro Hart, will also feature.

Viewing hours:
Thursday 22 November: 10.00am – 7.00pm
Friday 23 November: 10.00am – 7.00pm
Saturday 24 November: 9.30am – 3.00pm

Click here to view a selection of works from the exhibition. Additional works and gifts will be available at the Camden Civic Centre.

2018 Winter Exhibition

The exhibition featured works by established and emerging Australian artists including Doreen Shaw, Sarah Howard, Madeleine Szymanski, Steve Roach, George Sayers, Gary Baker, Victoria Dore, Lorna Pitt, Olive McAleer, Marjorie Baker and Leonard Long.

Click here to view a selection of works from the exhibition. 

Steve Roach original sketches from Lithgow and Hartley Valley

Steve Roach was the illustrator of Lithgow and Hartley Valley Sketchbook, the text of which was written by Iris Paridaens, published by Rigby in 1978. These original drawings have been offered by the estate of the late Steve Roach.

For more information on Steve Roach, or to see additional works available for sale, visit the Steve Roach page.