Duntroon Prints

In 1980 Steve Roach was commissioned to draw various buildings and sites at the Royal Military College, Duntroon, ACT.  The original eight drawings are displayed in Duntroon House, a fine example of colonial architecture built in 1833, which is now the officers’ mess.

These A3 size prints have been reproduced from a set of prints published at the completion of the commissions. The original set of prints forms part of the estate of the late Steve Roach. Individual prints are available for purchase for $60 or the full set of eight can be purchased for $420.

To purchase, contact Nan Howard on 0419 431 854 or email.

Images below provide a preview only and do not display the full work. Click on the images below to view the works in full. Please note the black title text does not appear on the prints available for purchase.