Moira Kirkwood

Moira Kirkwood is a graduate of the College of Fine Arts. She writes about her work below.

I love the frailty and dignity of marks made by human hand.

When I create a work there’s no idea, story or goal to start with. Things seem to work best if there is no plan. Rather, I see what evolves and respond to that. I’m especially interested in colour and space, and these considerations guide my work.

Once I’ve completed the work though, I often find things are suggested in the image. There are often indications of constructions, maps or cities. Sometimes there’s a quirkiness in the works which is always a good sign to me. I tend to see the world as rather an odd place, with things taking on a life of their own.

Life is complicated. There are competing demands, multiple considerations and contingencies. This can create a mighty abundance of confusion and distress, or else perhaps a magical ride.