Jennifer Jackson

Jennifer is an exciting artist who explores concepts with mixed media. She continues to explore eastern/western uses of space and focuses on symbols to suggest cultural connections. Jennifer’s work is sought after by astute collectors and her major works are at affordable prices.

Jennifer writes the following about her work:

“My art relates to the landscape in abstracted ways. The earth, it’s history and age are referred to and encompass notions of weathering, cycles and journeys. The journeys include memories of landscapes visited, and personal symbols of the experience. They are often about the local environment of the Illawarra region that I walk frequently.

In my walks and travels I collect objects that can be included in my images. Cross cultural connections are often established though this process linking disparate items and symbols. This gives the artworks personal significance while also allowing the viewer to interpret them in an individual manner.

Another facet of my practice uses similar processes relating to a form of abstracted still life. These images reflect similar themes as the “landscapes” and include current and varying passions and investigations.

Western traditions in painting are at the core of my practice while continuing research into Chinese painting it’s traditions and recent developments continue to interest me.

I encourage viewers to create a communication with the artworks by bringing their own experiences to the images.”