Camden Fine Art Gallery was established in 1994 to represent some of Australia’s emerging and leading artists. Contemporary, traditional and representational works in many forms of media are exhibited. Many gallery artists have won major and regional art awards and are represented in private and institutional collections throughout Australia and the world.

2018 Christmas Exhibition: 22-24 November

Camden Fine Art Gallery will hold its annual Christmas Exhibition from Thursday 22 November to Saturday 24 November 2018 at Undercroft Foyer, Camden Civic Centre, Oxley Street, Camden.

Featured artists will include Barbara Haines, Lorna Pitt, Victoria Dore, Gary Baker, Doreen Shaw, Steve Roach, Sarah Howard, Marjorie Baker and George Sayers. Additional works and gifts will also be available.

A selection of works will be placed online ahead of the exhibition.

2018 Winter Exhibition

The exhibition featured works by established and emerging Australian artists including Doreen Shaw, Sarah Howard, Madeleine Szymanski, Steve Roach, George Sayers, Gary Baker, Victoria Dore, Lorna Pitt, Olive McAleer, Marjorie Baker and Leonard Long.

Click here to view a selection of works from the exhibition.

Please contact Nan Howard to view or purchase.

Lorna Pitt, Midnight, SOLD, 32x22cm

Image 1: Lorna Pitt, Midnight, SOLD, 32x22cm

Victoria Dore, Two pears by the window, SOLD, 45x45cm

Image 2: Victoria Dore, Two pears by the window, SOLD, 45x45cm

Leonard Long

Long is considered one of Australia’s great post-war landscape artists. He spent many years painting the beauty of the Flinders Ranges and the majestic Shoalhaven region. Over many years he has inspired many other well known landscape artists and his works are highly valued by collectors.

Camden Fine Art Gallery is pleased to offer additional works by Leonard Long for re-sale.

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2017 Christmas Exhibition

The exhibition featured new works by gallery artists alongside pre-owned paintings by established Australian artists; contemporary jewellery by local artisan Liz Stephenson; and enamel pendants and brooches by Norma Alce. Vintage pottery, porcelain, books and jewellery, were also exhibited.

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Image: Gary Baker, Werombi Wattles I, $450, 31x25cm.

Steve Roach: Macarthur Landmarks

Steve Roach was a valued member of the Macarthur community who used his artistic talents in drawing a range of historical and community landmarks from around the Macarthur region. We are pleased to offer A4 prints of the works for $15 each.

Click here to view the full series.

Please note: the black title text does not appear on the prints.

Steve Roach: Duntroon

In 1980 Steve Roach was commissioned to draw various buildings and sites at the Royal Military College, Duntroon, ACT.  The original eight drawings are displayed in Duntroon House, a fine example of colonial architecture built in 1833, which is now the officers’ mess.

These A3 size prints have been reproduced from a set of prints published at the completion of the commissions. The original set of prints forms part of the estate of the late Steve Roach. Individual prints are available for purchase for $60 or the full set of eight can be purchased for $420.

Click here to view the full series.

Please note: black title text does not appear on the prints available for purchase.

Gary Baker

We are pleased to feature works by award-winning Camden artist Gary Baker. Click here to view.

Works can be viewed by appointment with Nan Howard.

Gary Baker, Nepean Vista, SOLD, 49x62cm

Steve Roach: Original sketches from Lithgow and Hartley Valley

Steve Roach was the illustrator of Lithgow and Hartley Valley Sketchbook, the text of which was written by Iris Paridaens, published by Rigby in 1978. These original drawings have been offered by the estate of the late Steve Roach.

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Steve Roach, The Royal Hotel Hartley $200

Gallery artists

Artists represented by Camden Fine Art Gallery are listed below. Click on an artist name to view information and works for sale. 

For more information about the gallery or its artists, or to view or purchase works, please contact us.